"Francis Feidler's identity roots," a text by Dominique Legrand, 2020.

Post from 10.06.2021
The text by Dominique Legrand, which can be read in the original French on the author's website but was first published in Flux News, deals with Francis' work as an artist. His more recent works are not only put in relation to his older works, but his time as director of the IKOB is not neglected. The core of the text is his precise analysis of the concept of elastic communication. Quote: "Elastikommunikation visualizes all aspects of human communication through the form of the spiral: "Whether drawn, wired or installed, the spiral is a sign that continues infinitely in time," says Feidler. If we see a beginning and an end polarized between two extremes, the spiral could represent the life of a person in which everything reproduces itself regardless of temporal or local contingencies. One must always be attentive to determine which segment of this spiral one is in. Extrapolating again, let's think about what we experience and how we explain this fact! "

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Photo of the text "Les racines identitaires de Francis Feidler" by Dominique Legrand published in Flux News n°83, 2020.